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The history of the company “InStankoService” began in 2003. A small team embarked on the design and production of the first models of CNC routers in the ATS series. By 2004, the production model of the ATS-2112 router had been presented at the Kyiv international exhibition “Lisderevmash-2004.”

Over the years of its operation, the company “InStankoService” has produced over two thousand units of CNC equipment, the high quality and reliability of which have been appreciated not only in Ukraine but also in various corners of the world: Moldova, Poland, Israel, Spain, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, and the USA.

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Інстанко верстат
Інстанко верстат
Інстанко Сервіс

Our advantages

The high standards that we offer

  • Контроль якості


    Our equipment, built with modern solutions, combines high reliability, efficiency, and flawless performance



  • Досвід


    We have twenty years of successful machine building experience. Due to their reliability and high quality, our machines have gained recognition both in Ukraine and abroad

  • develop


    We provide high-quality components, equipment tailored to your needs, consultation, and technical support throughout the equipment’s service life

  • Сервіси користувачів


    We offer ready-to-use CNC machines, installation and setup services, excellent training conditions, a one-year warranty, and ongoing maintenance support



Areas of equipment application

CNC machines are integral to modern manufacturing technologies and contribute to increased productivity and quality across various industrial sectors while reducing production costs.

Using CNC routers opens up new possibilities in manufacturing. It allows for the production of complex parts and products with high precision, repeatability, and processing speed, which are crucial for ensuring product quality.

You can use CNC routers in various manufacturing fields, including woodworking, furniture and kitchen cabinet manufacturing, outdoor advertising, souvenir production, model making, design, architecture, and much more. Their versatility is truly inspiring!

Areas of equipment application

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    Furniture production
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    Outdoor advertising production
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    Souvenir production
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    Production of 3D decorations
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    Production of facade systems
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    Model building

Wide range of products by "InStankoServis"

CNC machines have long been an important tool for business development, providing companies with the opportunity to optimize production processes and improve production efficiency. Today, choosing the right CNC machine becomes a key task for enterprises, because the quality of production and competitiveness in the market depend on it.

When it becomes a question to buy a CNC machine, it is important to understand the production needs and technical requirements to make the right choice of the optimal model. The company Instankoservice has twenty years of experience in the field of machine tool. We specialize in providing solutions that meet the needs of modern production, and our expertise and approaches are emphasized by the high quality of services and a deep understanding of the needs of modern business. We are not only ready to pick up CNC machines, but also provide a full range of support and advice to become reliable partners in the long run.

CNC milling machines in stock and under order in Kyiv

НOur range includes more than 30 models of CNC machines, with which it is possible to implement any tasks related to such activities as:

Manufacture of furniture and kitchen facades


Advertising signs

Doors and windows

Cutting services

One of the most popular types of CNC machines is the wood milling machine

Our CNC machines work in leading industries in Ukraine and abroad and provide high processing accuracy, production efficiency and the ability to implement complex projects in various industries. Long-term cooperation allowed us to form a base of regular customers whose business is built on the equipment of our production.

Buy CNC milling machine with delivery in Kyiv and Ukraine

We will produce and deliver machines in Ukraine and abroad, provide individual solutions, advice and support at every stage of using the equipment.

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