A professional plasma cutter that uses two cutting technologies and makes it possible to process metals of large thicknesses

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    Our machines use high-quality spindles from the world’s leading manufacturers with liquid and air cooling. They ensure the accuracy of material processing

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The PL-6020 is a gantry type plasma cutting machine. During metal sheet cutting, the machine’s gantry moves along rail tracks. This design allows for increasing the travel distance of the machine along the Y-axis if needed.

Advantages of the model

  • High cutting precision
  • Clean cuts
  • Processing metals
  • Processing of profiled rolling
  • Perfect repeatability of finished parts
  • Working with complex surface configurations

Worktable size

Y-6000, X-2000, Z-300

Materials that can be processed

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Aluminum
  • Non-ferrous metals

Application areas

  • Production:
    • Equipment manufacturing
    • Bridge construction
    • Agricultural machinery manufacturing
    • Electrical cabinets production
    • Armored doors manufacturing
    • Metal structures manufacturing


The high-quality components used in manufacturing the CNC machine PL-6020 ensure its reliability and stable performance. The machine’s base is a solid welded frame made of profiled tubes processed using a CNC portal center. The user-friendly control system ensures stability and precision in the machine’s operation.


Installation of a higher power plasma source

The machine can be equipped with any power plasma cutting source. Based on the customer’s requirements, we recommend the type and power of the source to fulfil material-cutting tasks. The machine can be fitted with PowerMax series sources ranging from 45 to 125.

Sectional working table

The machine’s working table is constructed from modular units. The size of the table and the number of modules depend on the machine’s travel along its axes. Each table section is water-filled, neutralising combustion products during sheet metal cutting.


Machine type

Plasma cutting


Moving gantry

Table work area (Y×X)

2000×6000 mm

Axes travel (Y×X)

2000×6000 mm

Table work area

Six-section (water filling capability)

Linear guide rails

Precision linear guideway

X, Y axes feed

Helical rack

X, Y axes motors

Stepper motor

Maximum traverse speed, axes X, Y

15 m/min

Work feed rate up to

1-15 m/min

Plasma source manufacturer

Hypertherm PowerMax

Plasma source model

105A | 125A

Current adjustment


Control system

Start MicroStep

Height control system


Максимальний різ плазмового різання

38 mm

Максимальний різ газокисневого різання

100 мм


Built-in library

Machine power requirements

220 W, 50 Hz

Plasma source power requirements

380 W, 50 Hz

Power consumption

10-25 кW

Machine dimensions (L×W×H)

7000×2500×1800 mm

Machine weight

1100 кg


Do you conduct machine installation and training?

Yes, we do. Upon the client’s request, our specialists perform installation work and provide training on the basics of machine operation and creating toolpaths.

Can colour metals and stainless steel be cut?

Fibre laser cutting machines allow the cutting of colour metals and stainless steel. Nitrogen is used as the auxiliary gas for such operations.

Is there post-warranty support and maintenance available?

We provide post-warranty support and service for all our machines. Mechanical and electrical parts used in our machines are always in stock.

How do you protect a CNC machine from power surges?

As the manufacturer, we also recommend installing a voltage stabilizer at the CNC machine’s input to ensure stable operation and avoid issues related to power surges.

Do you offer shipping?

Depending on the region of Ukraine, we provide equipment shipping through our transportation or other courier companies. We have also developed turnkey solutions for overseas businesses.

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