The largest machine of the ATS series, designed for milling and cutting of sheet material using NESTING technology

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The ATS-6020 model features a large working area and is primarily used for manufacturing facade systems. This machine utilizes the “Nesting” cutting technology.

Advantages of the model

  • High productivity
  • Additional options
  • Sturdy construction
  • Fast and reliable operation
  • User-friendly control system

Worktable size

Y-6100, X-2100, Z-200*

Possible increase of Z-axis travel up to 300 mm

Materials that can be processed

  • Wood (timber, plywood, MDF, particle board, birch, walnut, etc.)
  • Plastics (acrylic, Plexiglas, polycarbonate)
  • Composite materials (Dibond and Alucobond)
  • Soft metals (aluminum, brass, copper)

Application areas

  • Furniture production
  • Furniture production
  • Outdoor advertising production
  • Production of commercial equipment




The machine’s solid welded frame is made of steel profile tubes. The portal supports are made of cast iron to avoid excessive vibrations during processing. To ensure the quality of the machine parts, they are processed on modern CNC metalworking equipment.

A modern industrial CNC controller operates the machine.


VCarve Pro software

The VCarve Pro software offers various tools and options for creating control programs for CNC machines, including cutting, milling, engraving, and processing of flat and three-dimensional surfaces.

Vacuum Table

A matrix table made of impact-resistant composite material and a powerful vacuum pump will ensure reliable fastening of sheet materials. Additionally, it can be equipped with integrated T-slots for combined fastening of processed workpieces.

Rotary axis

It is used for manufacturing cylindrical-shaped products and for processing parts from multiple sides. The maximum processing diameter of workpiece is 100(200) mm. To control a machine with a rotary axis, a CNC controller with four independently controlled axes is required.

Replacing Stepper Motors with Servo Motors

Compared to stepper motors, servo motors provide greater speed and smoother operation of the machine. This option is recommended if the main requirement is high productivity of the machine.

Extraction system

The primary purpose of the system is to remove dust, smoke, gases, and harmful substances generated during laser cutting. This system may also include extraction devices, filters, fans, and other components to maintain a clean and safe air environment in the working area.

PC-Based CNC Controller

A PC-based controller can control the machine instead of a DSP handheld controller. In this case, for operator convenience, we recommend purchasing a mobile stand for the PC.

Centralized Lubrication System

It provides convenient machine maintenance by allowing quick lubrication of all necessary components. A manual control pump supplies lubricant material.


Table work area (Y×X)

6100×2100 mm

Axes travel (Y×X×Z)

6100×2100×200 mm

Machine dimensions (L×W×H)

7000×2700×1700 mm

Machine weight

2400 кg

Machine type

CNC router


Moving gantry

Spindle nut to table clearance

200 mm

Gantry clearance

200 mm

Worktable with mechanical workpiece fixturing

Profiled aluminum (T-slot)

Linear guide rails

Precision linear guideway

Z axis feed:

Ball screw drive

X, Y axes feed

Helical rack

Reducer type of X, Y axes

Toothed belt

X, Y, Z axes motors

Stepper motor

Maximum traverse speed, axis Z

6 m/min

Maximum traverse speed, axes X,Y

20 m/min

Work feed rate up to

15 m/min

Spindle power

3.5 кW

Spindle speed

6 000-18 000 rpm

Spindle cooling type


Tool change


Collet type


Maximum Ø of shank

16 mm

Tool length measurement sensor type


Limit switches


Control system (CNC)


Programming language


Dust collection port Ø

100 mm

Recommended dust collection performance

3200 m3/hour

Power requirements

380 V, 50 Hz

Maximum power consumption

5 кW


Do you conduct machine installation and training?

Yes, we do. Upon the client’s request, our specialists perform installation work and provide training on the basics of machine operation and creating toolpaths.

How many vacuum pumps does a CNC machine have?

ATS-6020 has a large working area. For reliable workpiece retention on the vacuum table, the machine comes with two vacuum pumps with a power of 5.5 kW each as standard equipment. The two pumps and the filtration system are integrated into the machine’s frame, which does not interfere with the operator’s work and reduces the required space for placing the machine.

One spindle or two?

The ATS-6020 machine comes standard with one spindle. However, using a single spindle can be inefficient due to its large working area. Therefore, we recommend considering the TwinCut dual-spindle system. This system significantly increases the machine’s efficiency and is an excellent alternative to automatic tool change.

How can I control the vacuum table?

The vacuum table of a CNC machine is divided into several vacuum zones, which can be controlled in two ways:

  1. Mechanical valves on the machine’s front panel open/close the air supply to the vacuum zone.
  2. Electric valves are controlled by pressing the corresponding buttons.
What CAM software should be used for "Nesting" technology?

Any software that supports saving the control program in G-code format can be used. For example: VCarve Pro, Aplhacam, NESTINGWorks, SigmaNest, VisualCAM, PowerShape/Mill, Fusion360 with Nesting AddOn, and others.

For “Nesting” technology, our company uses VCarve Pro software from Vectric.

How do you protect a CNC machine from power surges?

As the manufacturer, we also recommend installing a voltage stabilizer at the CNC machine’s input to ensure stable operation and avoid issues related to power surges.

How do you create toolpaths for the machine?

Various CAM software allows the creation of toolpaths, such as V-Carve, ArtCAM, Rhinoceros, Deskproto, etc.

We recommend considering using toolpath generation features within CAM software. We also offer a comprehensive training course on how to utilize these toolpath features effectively.

How is the machine shipped?

The machine is shipped to you fully assembled, securely packed in its factory packaging. Due to its overall dimensions, it’s transported on appropriately sized transport vehicles, ensuring its safe and intact delivery to your location.

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