The membrane-vacuum press does material pressing processing in the woodworking and furniture industry.

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The vacuum pressing technology is based on laminating the surface with veneer or PVC film by placing the sample in a heat-resistant chamber with a previously applied adhesive compound. The chamber is heated to the required temperature, and air is extracted with the help of a vacuum pump to create a negative internal pressure, allowing the applied material to adhere firmly.

Advantages of the model

  • Semi-automatic heater lift
  • Pneumatic chamber locks
  • Chamber heating speed
  • Convenient membrane installation
  • Temperature control sensor

Worktable size

2200x1100x200 mm

Materials that can be processed

  • PVC film
  • Veneer
  • Plastic

Application areas

  • Production of kitchen facades
  • Production of furniture panels
  • Production of door overlays
  • Production of furniture structures


The vacuum press construction is based on profiled metal tubes. Infrared lamps are installed in the upper cover of the chamber to serve as the heating source. A special construction made of MDF sheets retains heat in the working area of the table. Pneumatic systems enable convenient control of the press operation.


Silicone membrane

A silicone membrane is an elastic material made from polymers. Its application areas vary, from bonding wooden elements to finishing furniture fronts. Silicone membranes are also used in veneering and connecting irregularly shaped workpieces.



Hinged heater

Width of the work table

1280 mm

Length of the work table

2380 mm

Table material


Overall size of the clamping frame (L×W)

2500х1400 mm

Usable area of the work table

2,42 m2

Maximum height of the workpiece

200 mm

Height of the heating module

300 mm

Power requirements

380 В, 50 Hz

Power consumption of the vacuum system

1,1 кW

Power consumption of the heating elements

24 кW

Vacuum pump productivity

40 m3/hour

Vacuum pump brand


Maximum heating temperature

180 °C

Smooth adjustment of heating power


Heating temperature control

Automatic / Manual

Transport dimensions (L×W×H)

2380х1830х1400 mm


550 кg

Поширені запитання

Do you conduct machine installation and training?

Yes, we do. Upon the client’s request, our specialists perform installation work and provide training on the basics of machine operation and creating toolpaths.

Can the working area of the press be increased?

The working area of the press, in its standard configuration, is 2200×1100 mm. This working area can be increased or decreased according to the customer’s technical requirements.

How do I veneer products?
From which side does the lid open?
Is there post-warranty support and maintenance available?

We provide post-warranty support and service for all our machines. Mechanical and electrical parts used in our machines are always in stock.

How do you protect a CNC machine from power surges?

As the manufacturer, we also recommend installing a voltage stabilizer at the CNC machine’s input to ensure stable operation and avoid issues related to power surges.

Do you offer shipping?

Depending on the region of Ukraine, we provide equipment shipping through our transportation or other courier companies. We have also developed turnkey solutions for overseas businesses.

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