We offer consultation and assistance in equipment selection, training, and servicing of CNC machines

CNC machines are complex technical devices that require attention and service. We provide both warranty and post-warranty maintenance, as well as scheduled diagnostics of our machines. All technical issues and tasks are addressed by a team of professional service engineers with years of experience in machine building.

What we offer:

  • Телефонна підтримка:

    Telephone support:

    • Fault finding
    • Resolution of mechanical issues
    • Consultation on inverter and spindle settings
    • CNC system diagnostics
    • Identification of incorrect operation of electrical components
    • Decoding error codes of drives
    • Recommendations for workpiece fixturing
    • Optimization of toolpaths
    • Identifying spindle problems
    • Questions regarding machine operation
  • Планове технічне обслуговування:

    Planned maintenance:

    • Service engineer callout
    • Machine inspection
    • Consultation with production manager or machine operator
    • Cleaning the machine
    • Testing the functionality of all mechanical components
    • Testing machine operation
    • Elimination of backlash, if detected
    • Inspection of the operability of all mechanisms of the machines
    • Checking the electronic and control parts of the machine
    • Lubrication of carriages and ball screws
  • Навчання роботі на ЧПУ верстатах

    Training in CNC machine operation:

    • Familiarization with the structure of CNC machines
    • Teaching the technology of part processing
    • Introduction to different types of router bits and their applications
    • Transfer control programs to the machine control system
    • Testing and editing toolpaths
    • Setting up the machine for part processing
    • Operating of CNC machines
    • Multi-axis machining
    • Skills for carrying out periodic maintenance
    • Acquiring skills to solve non-standard situations with the machines
  • Навчання програмі VCarve Pro

    Training on VCarve Pro software:

    • Introduction to the VCarve Pro system
    • Creating and editing vector contours
    • Learning milling strategies
    • Creating a tool library
    • Working with the relief library
    • Creating toolpaths
    • Machining simulation
    • Creating a toolpath for rotary axis
    • Overview of additional features
    • Practice

Заявка на ремонт / обслуговування обладнання